Ride Mechanic Bike Milk 185ml

Ride Mechanic Bike Milk 185ml

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Bike Milk is a dry film chain lube that runs very clean:

  • Has excellent penetrating-cleaning-degreasing properties to remove grime buildup and assist lube flow throughout moving chain parts.
  • After film formation, the chainstays exceptionally clean without attracting dust onto the drivetrain surfaces. 
  • Dry film coating means no wet residue buildup which can rub off to leave dark “grease” stains.
  • Leaves a protective film on the crucially important internal contact surfaces of the chain between rollers, bushings, pins, and plates.
  • Employs a “RESERVOIR EFFECT” to deliver lube into moving parts as you ride.
  • Perfect drivetrain lubricant for shorter (up to 3h) and dry dusty rides or in beach/sand conditions.s.
  • Great value for money 185ml pack which lasts longer.
  • Also available in 50ml trail and 900ml workshop packs.
  • Proudly created and made in Australia


The team at Ride Bellerive were super helpful.
Got us setup on some awesome Merida Mountain Bikes. Great service, really friendly, highly recommend them.

Andrew C

Recently got in touch with these guys for a part I wanted to purchase. They were friendly and courteous throughout. Given the nature of my query/purchase, I spoke with Ben, Simon and Titch who were all great and progressed my query for me. Great service!

Rob X